Belt Adapters

Double-Up™ Tool Lanyards (Patent Pending)

Double Up Tool Lanyards

A black nylon fabric with retractors extending out of the left and right.The Double-Up Tool Retractor fits between two tool pouches and allows each tool to be attached to its retractors. It has two D-Ring attachment points on the bottom for other hand tool attaching. The Double-Up also works great as standalone tool retractor.


  • Turns conventional tool belts into retractable tool belts
  • Can be used as a standalone belt housing small tools
  • Metal wire or Kevlar rope
  • Retractable up to 4 feet
  • Adapts to tools using our standard crimp kit or other lanyard attachments
  • Fits up to 3.25” tool belts
  • Retractor breaking strength is 50 lbs
  • Available in fabric or leather

Belt Loop Retractors

Tool Pocket AdaptorsA retractor with a leather loop is connected to a deluxe scaffold wrench

Belt loop retractors slide onto a tool belt and attach to tools in nearby tool pouches. They can also be used with standalone tools.


  • Retractor slides onto tool belt
  • Makes any existing pocket a retractable pocket
  • 48” pull retractable cord length
  • Attach split ring to tool end or to one of our lanyard tethering systems
  • Available for 2.25″ and 3.25″ belt widths

Carabineer Belt Retractor

Carabiner RetractorA black retractor with a carabineer connection for tools or identification

Carabineer retractors can attach to any secure point and can be used for a huge variety of tools. Each retractor unit comes with a robust carabineer and has the option of heavy-duty or super-duty retraction force (see features for specifics). The super strong Kevlar cord with key ring end attaches to many small tools.


  • Available in heavy-duty (8-10 oz) and super-duty (13-15 oz) retraction force
  • Attach to your belt hoop or other convenient fastening areas to keep tools handy and use when needed
  • 36” or 48” retractable cord length
  • Attach split ring to tool end or to one of our lanyard tethering systems

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