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A FOD Nightmare


The world has learned that the seventh Boeing 787 program delay was started by a foreign object. This comes as surprising news because Boeing has typically been regarded as an industry leader in FOD prevention practices.

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Foreign Objects in a Neglected Pool


The Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant in Taipei County, Taiwan recently made news for some Foreign Material Exclusion activities. The plant was called an “absolute disaster,” by the subcontractor commissioned to clean the plant’s suppression pool.

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Rising Insurance Costs and The Culture of Complacency

an offshore oil rig with a large tower

The Deepwater Horizon was reported as showing a culture of complacency rather than a culture of safety. Insurance companies will be on high alert for companies who have become complacent. With the anticipated hikes in insurance premiums and coverage standards, which kind of company will yours be seen as? Complacent or Safe?

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