Alternative Abrasives

Alternative Abrasives

What’s the most interesting thing about alternative abrasives? Nothing!

That’s the answer for most people, but for workers in Foreign Material Exclusion alternative abrasives could mean everything. They are an effective means of keeping small metal debris out of sensitive equipment. Avoiding metal fragments can reduce the chances of arcing in electrical equipment. Alternative abrasives prevent degradation of important equipment such as nuclear fuel cladding. They also prevent excessive wear and tear to cyclical equipment like turbines or generators. Alternative abrasives are used when tiny bits of metal could become unacceptable foreign material. The need for these brushes is greatest in nuclear facilities, but can extend to any electrical turbine work or food processing equipment maintenance.

A circular tiered brush resembling a stack of sandpaperImagine mixing metal fragments with the oil in your car. The outcomes of such an action are similar to the outcomes of lost metal fragments from wire abrasives. Alternative abrasives use flexible nylon to reduce the chances of breakage and to reduce the impact of the material if it does break.

Alternative abrasives are usually made with nylon fibers infused with either silicon carbide, ceramics, aluminum oxide or polycrystalline diamond.

Even though alternative abrasives appear to be much like wire abrasives, they require a different usage approach. They must be run at a lower RPM and they are slower than their wire counterparts. Some sacrifices must be made to avoid the metal debris hazard associated with wire brushes. These alternative abrasives provide the next best thing to wire abrasives.

The lack of metal filaments also adds a level of safety to the user as there is less risk of flying wire projectiles.

Whether you are deburring, finishing, cleaning, or polishing, Foreign Material Exclusion compliant alternative abrasives offer a great solution.

Even in non-FME environments, nylon abrasives are known for creating a cleaner work environment and efficiently working irregular surfaces. The more flexible fibers of nylon abrasives more effectively penetrate irregular contours. They also work well on softer metals, where wire brushes may cause damage to the work piece.

Features of Alternative Abrasives:

  • Next best thing when wire is unacceptable
  • Less damaging impact of lost bristles
  • Increased worker safety
  • Cleaner bite
  • Great for irregular surfaces

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Always follow proper safety practices when working with abrasives including proper personal protective equipment.