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A top down view of a foreign material exclusion workplace wih a worker observing the environment

Please visit Ty-Flot’s Foreign Material Exclusion page for a quick list of things you can do to significantly boost your FME Program.

Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) is the process of preventing the introduction of outside debris into an area or areas where that debris poses an economic risk or safety hazard. Simply put, it is keeping objects out of areas where they should not be. It is widely practiced across the nuclear power generation community as an attempt to increase nuclear safety and reduce power plant down time. Airport and airline operations utilize the same concepts to keep airfields clean and prevent debris from entering vital aircraft components. During construction projects, overhead workers employ FME procedures and equipment to protect those employees working below them.

This website is designed to be a resource to all parties interested in increasing industrial safety and saving money through any level of FME implementation.

Goals of this site include:

  • Providing a detailed reference guide for common Foreign Material Exclusion needs
  • Giving recommendations for handling Foreign Material Exclusion related situations
  • Determining and discussing “best practices” from FME operatives and sharing ideas for improvement
  • Providing useful information about the fundamentals of FME and gathering expert advice on more advanced FME procedures
  • Providing information on the technological advancements in FME
  • Introducing FME to a variety of industries to advance industrial safety and technology in these related fields
  • Connecting businesses and individuals to quality FME products and services
  • Providing consultation on FME projects or outage support

As you browse through the site and learn about FME, you may think of your own ways to promote FME education. Please share them with us as you think of them and we’ll be sure to make your expertise known.