Belt Lanyards

Belt LanyardsA closeup of a tool belt carabineer from the tool snake belt lanyard

Since a lot of your tools are stored in a tool belt, a lot of belt lanyard options are available to keep your tools attached. Some of these lanyards are meant for a tool belt and others simply use the waist as a point of attachment. Whether its bungee lanyards for larger tools, leather pockets for common tools, or lanyard adapters to make your current tool belt into a retractable belt, we’ve got a lanyard for you. No matter what style of work you are doing you can be sure to find a belt lanyard that fits your needs.

Bungee Lanyards:

Leather Pockets

Belt Adapters (Convert Your Belt into a Retractable Belt):

  • Double-Up™ Tool Lanyards (Patent Pending)
  • Belt Loop Retractors
  • Carabineer Belt Retractor

Cell Phone Lanyards