Connection and Attachment Systems

Deluxe Lanyard Attachment System

Make attaching lanyards or switching between tools a breeze with this novel attachment and connector system. Use these lanyards to create a connect-and-go system for quick tool changing. The four varieties of connectors make almost any hand tool lanyards ready and compatible with your choice of lanyards.

A series of tools attached to a lanyard by various methods and various attachment devices

The Standard System:

The standard system makes tools and equipment lanyard-ready without physically altering them. The D-ring or eye-hole allows a vast array of lanyards to be connected. This connection system works with our tool buckets, wrist lanyards, belt lanyards, retractable lanyards, or any lanyard with a key ring or snap hook connection point.


A cylindrical attachment is shrunk around a screwdriver, the attachment has an orange ring on the end of itThe Cylin-Ring connector allows cylindrical tools, such as screwdrivers or flashlights, to be attached to a number of lanyard options.

  • Available for handle diameters from .25″ to 1.25″
  • Great on screw drivers, ratchets, utility knives, pliers, and more
  • Quick & easy tool change outs
  • Easy to install with a standard heat gun
  • Very strong & durable


D-Shrink attachments work best with tools that require dual open ends or tools without defined handles. A variety of shrink tubing is also available. For a similar option that doesn’t require a heat-gun and allows for fast, on-the-fly lanyard connection, see sealing tape.

A wrench with a d-ring shrunk to the outside of it using a d-shrink attachment

  • Standard-duty or heavy-duty shrink rings
  • Standard-duty or heavy-duty D-rings
  • Tool diameters from .25″ to 2.0″
  • Each package contains 15 assorted sizes of shrink rings and 10 D-rings

The Deluxe Quick-Connect System:

The benefit of the quick connect system is that it works with a specialty tool belt and deluxe wrist lanyard. It also works well with attachment tool bucket and provides and easy to retrieve end.


A snap hook connected to a quick changing lock by a black tube-like materialThe Hook-2-Lock connection allows tools that can only accept D-shrink attachments to be used with the quick-connect system. It also works with other tools that are used with both the quick connect and the standard connection system.

  • Connects to tools with factory installed eyes or D-rings
  • Available in metal or plastic
  • Trigger snap allows for quick change-outs


A cylindrical section of shrink tubing holds a screwdriver and is connected to a quick change locking mechanismThe Cylin-Lock connector allows cylindrical tools to be used with the quick-connect system.

  • Available for tool diameters from .3″ to 2.0″
  • Quick & easy tool change outs
  • Very strong & durable
  • Perfect for flashlights, screwdrivers, pliers, inspection mirrors and more

You can purchase all of your tools with proper connection pre-installed.

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