Retractable Leather Pockets

Leather Retractable Tool PocketsA hammer is falling out of a tool pouch but it is held in place by a built in retractorThese leather pockets for tool belts are designed to make tools retractable. The multiple designs allow for hammers, scaffold wrenches, pliers, levels, tape measures, spud wrenches, alignment pins, and more to be attached to the pocket (hammer pocket is shown). High quality leather and high strength grommets make these ideal tool belts for any use whether a lanyard is required or not.


  • Ideal for erecting scaffold
  • No more dropped tools on co-workers and bystanders
  • High quality construction with long lasting durable leather
  • Pockets simply slide onto the utility belt, build the belt that suits your needs
  • All tools are tethered by high quality wire rope retractor units (48” pull length)
  • Each retractable tooling lanyard comes with a set of connectors to adapt your tools to the retractor
  • No tool modification is necessary
  • Designed to guide the tool back into their respective pocket
  • Designed to fit each individual user
  • Pockets are not fixed and will adjust to the user’s waist line

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