Tool Snake Lanyard

Tool Snake Lanyard

Don’t drop your electric screwdriver, or your salary, because of an accidental slip of the fingers over a coworker’s head!

A bungee lanyard is attached from a belt to a toolTool Snake lanyards offer the largest selection of color to prevent the lanyard itself from becoming a drop hazard. An elastic band makes it easy to use the attached tool while cushioning the blow if the tool is dropped. Each lanyard is thoroughly strength tested and will safely hold up to 10lbs. The heavy-duty nylon is stronger than traditional polyester alternatives and comes with a super-strong screw gate carabineer. Choose between a light weight aluminum carabineer for increased comfort, or a heavy-duty steel carabineer for strength.


  • Internal bungee cord with nylon outer sheathing (35” to 54” stretch)
  • Quickly attaches to waist belts using a carabineer (aluminum)
  • Tool end has an adjustable loop with cord lock for quick tool attachment
  • Maximum safe working capacity of 10 pounds
  • Perfect for an FME environment
  • Color: red, orange, or pink
  • Standard aluminum carabineer or heavy-duty stainless steel available
  • Stainless steel option has an eyelet to contain the carabineer and a plastic stopper to prevent the cord lock from being removed

An aluminum spring carabineer with screw closureA heavy duty stainless steel carabineer with screw gate closure

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