Support Industrial Safety

Foreign Material is always looking for ways to support workplace safety, to promote cost savings and to provide quality resources for learning about novel ways to prevent contamination. It is our goal to spread this knowledge across the globe and ultimately have a positive impact on the environment and most importantly promote safety.

We are currently working towards our goal by providing consultation for FME related jobs, by providing an array of resources for learning, by giving product reviews, keeping you up to date with new technology and news developments and more.

To achieve our goals we need support from you. There are several ways that you can help support us.

How you can help support our mission

  1. Contact us about any of the products mentioned on the website or allow us to consult for you and connect you with the resources needed for a successful Foreign Material Exclusion or FOD prevention program.
  2. One of the simplest ways to promote this novel approach to workplace safety is to put a link to our website on your own web page. Linking to us will help spread the word about programs and can add credibility to your site.
  3. Contribute an article. If you are an industry expert or just someone with a lot of exposure to any of the topics on our site, your knowledge is highly valued. E-mail us your recommendations for articles, or write your own article and submit it for publication on our website. Provide your insights on best practices, or tell us about an idea you’d like to see put into action.
  4. Make your purchases through our link. You won’t be charged more than the normal price and Foreign Material will get credit for any purchases made.
  5. If you have a quality product or service that you think Foreign Material Exclusion may help to generate additional sales, let us know about it and we may be able to come to mutually beneficial agreement.
  6. Send us pictures of your Foreign Material Exclusion work. Either that, or write us a thousand words. Both would be equally as valuable to the cause.

What your support does:

  1. Helps keep the information on the site reviewed for credibility and quality.
  2. Ensures that the maximum level of education is reached and helps yield the maximum safety results.
  3. Promotes FME programs in power plants, construction, and other fields which ultimately saves these companies money. Decreased costs associated with the programs and increased economies of scale allow businesses to save money, increasing the likelihood that jobs stay secure and the economy is stimulated.
  4. Promotes workplace practices that decrease the impact on the environment.

We thank you in advance for all of the help, and we hope we can continue to provide you with the resources necessary to make your workplace as safe and cost effective as possible.