Equipment Lanyard Kits

Lanyard Accessory Kit

Tool Tethering Kits
A black case full of shrink rings and equipment to create lanyard attachment points

Each lanyard accessory kit contains an assortment of split rings (25 each of 0.6″ dia., 1.3″ dia and 2″ dia.), screw eyes (25 each of .4″ dia. and .3″ dia.), and a package of 10 of our D-Shrink attachment from our deluxe lanyards, all neatly packaged in a heavy duty organizer box.

Crimp Kit

A plastic case with tools and equipment for crimping lanyards to tools

Everything you need to create high strength tool retractor connection points for hammer, levels, tape measures and more. Kit includes various size key rings, d-rings, crimping tool, high strength cord, and crimps.

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