Retractable Tool Lanyards

Retractable Tool Lanyards

Retractable tooling lanyards make overhead work easy and safe. Retractable tool pouches and belt retractors make it easy to carry tools without excess lanyard slack getting in the way. When you use the tool, the retractable lanyard is outstretched, when you are finished the tool is guided back to its resting place.

Retractable tool lanyards make scaffolding and overhead work safer.

a retractable wrist lanyard with the tool in the dropped position

Retractable Leather Pockets

Retractable Wrist Cuffs

Retractable Cell Phone Lanyards

Belt Adapters (Convert your belt into a retractable belt)

  • Double-Up™ Tool Lanyards (Patent Pending)
  • Belt Loop Retractors
  • Carabineer Belt Retractor