Tool and Equipment Lanyards

Tool LanyardsA wrist cuff attached to a tool with a tether

Ooops I dropped my tool! No big deal.

Ooops I dropped my tool on my coworker! Big deal.

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Avoid the heartache associated with the hazards of dropped tools and make sure your tools stay where they belong: with you! Lanyards of all shapes and sizes ensure that your tools don’t get dropped, forgotten, or lost in places they should not be.

Dropped tools and equipment can be the most dangerous and most expensive hazard to a power-plant. They are also the cause of many injuries each year in many industries. Most dropped objects protection programs talk about debris netting and toe boards, but only a select few talk about the wide variety of lanyards that contribute to workplace safety.

Don’t settle for a piece of string or a chicken wire when for very little cost you can have an ergonomic lanyard, specifically designed and tested to hold your tools. With these Foreign Material Exclusion lanyards equipment damage and injuries caused from dropped tools will be a thing of the past.

Lanyard options: