Lanyard Accessories

Anti-Spill Tool Buckets

Anti-Drop Tool Buckets
A durable tool bucket with attachments for each tool inside so that spills are impossible

  • Made to work with the Deluxe Quick-Connect System or with any other lanyard connection system
  • Rugged polymer bottom
  • Heavy duty canvas construction
  • Reinforced plastic liner
  • 12″ diameter 15″ deep
  • 10 tool attachment rings on the inside
  • Each ring can hold multiple tools
  • Rope handle with swivel snap hook for hoisting

Deluxe Tool Belts

Anti-Drop Tool Belts
A tool belt with seven quick connections and a wrist lanyard holder

  • Made to work with the Deluxe Quick-Connect System
  • Quick and easy tool change outs
  • Manageable and organized
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 7 convenient female adapters to be used in conjunction with Cylin-Lock and Hook-2-Lock connectors
  • Custom belts available

D-Ring Replacements

D Ring Webbing
Six d-rings stacked and fanned, two black on top of two orange on top of two pink

  • High strength nylon webbing
  • Available in Standard, Heavy-Duty, and Heavy-Duty Long sizes
  • Also available, plastic d-rings

Sealing Tape

Lanyard Attachment Tape
See tapes section

Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tube Replacement Parts
Three black cylinders stacked next to one another

  • Strong grip with inner adhesive for reliable hold
  • Shrinks onto tools in minutes or less
  • Tensile strength tested


Ring Size (Diameter x Length) Use on Handle Diameter
0.75″ x 1.75″ 0.25” to 0.60”
1.00″ x 1.75″ 0.36” to 1.00”
1.50″ x 2.00″ 0.55” to 1.40”
2.00″ x 2.00″ 0.75” to 1.90”
2.00″ x 4.00″ 0.75” to 1.90”
2.75″ x 2.00″ 1.50” to 2.50”
2.75″ x 4.00″ 1.50” to 2.50”


High Strength Carabiners for Tool Lanyards

Carabiner Replacements
A device similar to climbing hooks but meant for tools

  • Aluminum spring gate carabineers
  • Packages of 25
  • Great for replacing worn carabineers on the HD Tool Snake Lanyard
  • Strength tested

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