Inventions and Patents in Foreign Material Exclusion

People are constantly coming up with new ways to keep workplaces safe. Most of the newest devices available for foreign material exclusion are patented, and a few are not. It’s important to keep up to date with the technology in order to get the most out of your FME program.

Patents are people’s new ideas that solve recurring problems. Since patents are required to be new, non-obvious, and useful, it makes sense to review them for ideas on improving your programs performance. They are typically novel solutions to common problems. The products created by the patents save time and money on certain processes, and can add an extra level of convenience to the way things are currently done.

Not every good idea is patented. Some people and companies don’t have the resources to get a patent, or the patent office decides not to grant one. Regardless of resources or government decisions, a lot of new non-patented inventions are still very useful.

Important recent inventions in Foreign Material Exclusion.

Items that are listed with a number next to them are patents or patent pending. Items without numbers are new inventions that may or may not have associated patents.

Floating Zip Ties – 5690522

FME Sponges – 6506014

Hard Hat Lanyards – 10906417

Hat Lanyard – 6446265

Writing Instrument Holder – 12503128

Magnetic Fingertip Gloves – 11346474

Scaffold Knot Alternative – 7644894

If you have a product you think would make FME procedures more convenient or if you’re using a new product that we don’t have listed here, send us a message and a summary of the product like the ones listed and if it meets our criteria we’ll add it to the list.

Note: Patent and patent pending items should not be made, used, offered for sale, imported, or sold without proper permission. If you’d like to get permission please contact us for more details.