Distribution Information for Foreign Material Exclusion.com

The nature of your purchase, the quantity or variety of products, and a variety of other factors will determine how we connect you with your product needs. We strive to serve our partner’s and their customers in the most efficient way possible as well as protect our distributing network. When you fill out the product request page your answers will help us determine exactly how you will obtain the products listed on these pages.

These are a few of the options you may see.

Through a Distributor:

If you are purchasing a quantity that falls below the minimum quantities for direct purchase, or you are purchasing product that falls under our current distributer’s protected area, then you will be referred to a distributor. Upon request, we can forward your information to that distributor and have them contact you.

Direct from Manufacturer:

If you are looking to purchase a large enough quantity of a product that doesn’t fall under any distribution protection, then you will be connected directly to the manufacturer or our primary supplying contact for that particular item or items. Foreign Material Exclusion.com has set up agreements with the manufacturers to get small compensation based on referrals and does not influence any change in the pricing that you would normally get if you had contacted the manufacturer through other means. Our primary goal is increasing workplace safety and saving companies money through preventative thinking.