Tethered Ball Cap

Tethered Ball Caps

These rugged ball caps feature a tethering device that secures the hat to the wearer. Ball caps used in windy conditions tend to act as sails and can fly away from you without a moment’s notice. Usually when sailing, driving an open vehicle, biking, cycling, or running, your hat can fly off of your head to a place where it can’t be retrieved. Stopping to find your hat during a morning jog or bicycle workout will interrupt your routine, but losing your hat in a convertible or on a motorcycle result in an unwelcome trip to the store to find a new hat.

A tethered hat with tether at full extension next to a hat with tether retracted

Avoid the inconvenience and expense and get a unique style, durable hat that will stay with you when you want it to. When you’re not at risk of losing the hat, the tether retracts inside the hat for safe keeping and to keep you looking stylish.


  • 6 panel unconstructed crown
  • 6 sewn eyelets
  • Pre-curved visor
  • Matching fabric under visor
  • Matching color sweatband
  • Matching fabric adjustable strap
  • Cap is 100% Cotton
  • Tether/collar clip is stretch nylon
  • One size fits most

These caps are also used heavily as promotional items. The tether allows for a unique way to brand your product or service. Using these as a giveaway at tradeshows with your company logo embroidered on the hat and a catchy saying on the tether is sure to boost your company’s name recognition.

Don’t lose your head over a lost hat.

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