Promoting FME

Promoting FME is a lot like promoting safety. The only way to spread it successfully is to promote cultural workplace changes that incorporate the importance of safety and FME. FME apparel and giveaways will help promote safety at your workplace. Display boards can also show workers that you are serious about safety and savings through your FME program.

“Think FME” stickers placed in break rooms and hallways will remind workers that FME measures are expected on the job site. T-shirts and ball caps with the “Think FME” slogan are a stylish giveaway that will also help spread a safety oriented workplace culture. The basic idea is similar to the “Think Safety” campaigns at companies that try to keep safety in the forefront of workers minds. The “Think FME” concept is a more specific approach in situations where workers have grown dull ears to the constant push for safety.

If your company is new to FME, the apparel will generate discussions and questions that will help spread the news of the benefits of FME.

“You don’t know what you don’t know” is a well known saying. You can’t learn about a particular subject if you don’t know that the subject even exists. This can be true of FME. Contractors, workers, and management may not even know about the existence of FME so finding the optimal methods to use in an FME program would be impossible.

With an FME display board, you can introduce the subject of FME to all those who don’t know it exists. The board also shows some working examples of the best equipment that can be used to save a company money and increase safety.

Once the knowledge of FME is sparked, workplaces can begin exploring the true benefits of an FME program.