Hat Lanyard

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A sketch of a ball cap lanyard

This is a patent on:

Ball caps with a retractable lanyard installation. The tether is manufactured on the back of the hat, with the ability to be pulled inside for storage. This item is patented so making, using, offering for sale, importing, or selling the invention without permission is prohibited.

It was created because:

It is designed to add an extra level of protection from the hazards of an exposed bald head. In windy conditions or when travelling at high speeds, ball caps tend to blow off of people’s heads. In either case, a lost hat is extremely inconvenient to retrieve and in some situations may be easier to abandon altogether, for instance, on the highway or a theme park ride. This tether allows a stylish and comfortable way to secure the hat to your head.

The benefits of using such a device:

It is more comfortable than the available alternatives. It can be retracted when not in use and it doesn’t interfere with the head movement of the wearer. The tether can be used for promotional slogans or advertising as well.

How to use the device:

Pull out the tether and attach it to an article of clothing. Slide the tether back into the hat when not in use.