Floating Zip Ties

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A sketch of a cable tie with a floatation device attached

This is a patent on:

Floatation devices for cable or zip ties. Different materials and shapes are used to make the floatation device and the patent describes some of the options. This item is patented so making, using, offering for sale, importing, or selling the invention without permission is prohibited.

It was created because:

High tensile strength cable ties are necessary in many industrial maintenance functions. All high strength cable ties have a tendency to sink when in water. In FME work over water, which is common in the nuclear industry, the cable ties may break and sink. Since the broken tie could interfere with equipment operations, normally the ties must be retrieved and could require the use of diving equipment, and may even put personnel at risk. Plant workers may have to travel in dangerous areas to retrieve the lost piece of material. The cost in production down-time and safety of employees is huge. Attaching a floatation device turns a broken cable tie into a thirty second pool skimmer fix.

The benefits of using such a device:

It gives strong and dense cable ties the ability to float, resulting in reduced retrieval efforts. The devices allow for color coding, and accountability through individual identification. They also make cable ties easier to handle through protective equipment such as work gloves. They are inexpensive and do not interfere with the original function of the cable tie.

How to use the device:

The device can be ordered pre-installed on cable ties, or individually for separate installation. Floats are slid over the tips of each cable tie and slid up to the head. The friction from the shape of the float and the small size of the hole holds the device in place.