Scaffold Knot Alternative

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A sketch of a scaffold knot alternative

This is a patent on:

A rail mounted tie-off device that eliminates much of the need for knots and hitches. It is an invention that allows workers to tie off ropes for use in scaffold-related work or when articles are tied over rails. This item is patented so making, using, offering for sale, importing, or selling the invention without permission is prohibited.

It was created because:

A lot of the time in overhead construction, articles are tied to hand rails. Workers are not always trained in the proper ways to tie-off equipment. As a result of improper training the ropes may be tied too tight, resulting in difficult to release situations or the ropes may be tied too loosely, leaving a potential hazard. There is also a possibility that the ropes could be dropped as the articles are being lifted up to the platform. This invention provides a failsafe to prevent dropped items even in the lifting process. It eliminates the need for knot training and simplifies the tie-off process.

The benefits of using such a device:

As articles are being lifted, a jaw like mechanism keeps the rope under control at all times. If the rope is accidentally released the jaw mechanism will prevent the items from falling. With this device there is also no longer a need to tie off the cables. They are simply wrapped through the jaw and around the hooks like the cord on a vacuum cleaner.

How to use the device:

Install the invention over the upper and lower rails of a handrail. Adjust as necessary. Feed the rope or cable through the jaws and around the wrapping area.