Hard Hat Lanyards

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A sketch of a hard hat lanyard

This is a pending patent on:

A hard hat lanyard. This is specifically for a device that prevents the hard hat from being dropped, that doesn’t require any modifications to the hat itself, and has a method for quick and easy installation and removal. It also eliminates the uncomfortable and potentially unsanitary use of chin straps. This invention is patent pending so making, using, offering for sale, importing, or selling the invention without permission will be prohibited upon patent issuance.

It was created because:

Hard Hats can often become a drop hazard and in most work situations should be secured. The traditional means of securing a hard hat all have one problem or another making them less than convenient. Chin straps may be uncomfortable and present an increased likelihood of contamination. Other tethers don’t provide a quick release and also require modification to the hard hat in order to be secured. The hard hat lanyard provides a solution to all these problems.

The benefits of using such a device:

It can be attached to any article of clothing via the product’s attachment mechanism or sewn into working gear. It provides flexibility and comfort that no other securing method can and it is a cost effective solution. The device itself makes no contact with the skin of the wearer making it a more sanitary alternative to traditional methods.

How to use the device:

Attach the proper end of the lanyard to the hard hat and the other end to a garment. Use the quick release mechanism when needed.