Molecular Sealing Tape

Lanyard Attachment Tape

A roll of molecular tape has red film and red tape spread openCan’t find a quick way to attach lanyards to tools on the fly? This molecular sealing tape is used around the world to provide a quick way to create lanyard connection points to almost any portable work equipment. Simply stretch the tape around a d-ring attachment point and allow a minute for the tape to set. Use the extra minute of time you saved to stare in astonishment at your awesome FME skills and then get back to work.

Features include:

A piece of sealing tape is shown attaching a d-ring to the handle of a tool

  • Take only as much as you need with tinted plastic backing
  • Brightly colored and available in your companies FME color scheme
  • On the fly lanyard attachment creation
  • No heat gun required
  • Leaves no residue
  • Will not peel off
  • Tensile strength tested
  • Rolls are 1″x36′

Available Options:

  • Standard, Heavy-Duty, or Reinforced
  • Red, Orange, Green, or Yellow

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