Velcro Cable Straps

Velcro Cable Ties

A series of different size velcro strips with plastic pieces and loop holesSearching for an alternative to standard cable ties? These Velcro style cable ties are gentle on the material being wrapped. The small give of the Velcro fabric prevents damage to wires and allows for easier manipulation of tied cords. They also eliminate the need for cutting excess material because the extra material bonds to itself.

Use and reuse these versatile ties as a way to keep organized and save money.

Features Include:

Cinching Velcro Straps

All straps are 0.100″ thick, package by 100, and bright yellow in color.

Length Bundle Diameter Width Head Width
8″ 2.0″ 0.75″ 1.1″
14.5″ 4.0″ 0.75″ 1.1″
14.5″ 4.0″ 2.0″ 2.4″
18″ 5.0″ 0.75″ 1.1″
25″ 8.0″ 0.75″ 1.1″

One Wrap Velcro Straps

All straps are free of hardware, package by 100, and bright orange in color.

Length Width
0.5″ 6.0″
0.5″ 8.0″
0.5″ 14.5″
0.75″ 14.5″
0.75″ 24.0″

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