Polypropylene Cable Ties

Natural Floating Cable Ties

A group of different size orange cable ties on a white backgroundThese cable ties are specifically manufactured for safe use in nuclear maintenance (but ideal for any use). Because of the tight specifications of nuclear operations, they are ideal cable ties for any use across any industry. The zip ties are low in halogens and heavy metals and are designed to float if they are dropped in water. Each style and batch of zip ties is tested for durability and consistency to ensure that you are getting the highest quality products./p>

The Zip ties are specifically manufactured in a bright color so that lost ties can be easily found and retrieved. They are available in bright yellow or orange.

Keep waste and corrosion under control by purchasing cable ties that are low in halogens and heavy metals and can be easily found and contained if they break.

Features include:

  • Tested for quality and consistency
  • Built strong for extreme applications but priced for everyday use
  • Cheapest prices for this style cable tie
  • Environmentally friendly with low halogens and heavy metals
  • Won’t corrode stainless steel surfaces
  • Easily retrievable in the event of a break


Length Bundle Diameter Tensile Strength Package Quantity Available Colors
8″ 1.75″ 74 lbs 1000 Orange/Yellow
8.3″ 2.00″ 110 lbs 250 Orange
14.5″ 4.00″ 45 lbs 500 Orange/Yellow
14.5″ 4.00″ 70 lbs 500 Orange
14.5″ 4.00″ 110 lbs 500 Orange/Yellow
30″ 9.00″ 250 lbs 50 Orange

For a stronger floating cable tie solution see high strength floating cable ties.

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