High Strength Floating Cable Ties

Nylon Floating Cable Ties

What do you get when you combine one of the best brands in cable ties with one of the most recognized names in Foreign Material Exclusion? I’m not sure if it’s better than sliced bread, but it sure comes close.

A nylon cable tie with floatation device is wrapped around a bundle of wires

Floating nylon cable ties save the nuclear industry loads of cash each year. This technology is used heavily in nuclear facilities because it can save hours of expensive retrieval. These zip ties are set apart from any other cable tie available on the market and are specifically known for their contribution to Foreign Material Exclusion.

The patented design allows for all of the benefits of industry leading nylon cable ties while also allowing the ties to float. Standard nylon cable ties will sink in water and, depending on the application, could cost thousands in foreign object search and retrieval.

Features Include:


Tensile Strength Length Bundle Diameter Package Quantity Available Colors
40 lbs 8″ 2.00″ 1000 Orange/Yellow/White
40 lbs 11.4″ 3.00″ 1000 Yellow
50 lbs 7.4″ 1.88″ 1000 White
50 lbs 9.8″ 2.50″ 1000 White
50 lbs 14.5″ 4.00″ 1000 Orange/Yellow/White/Red
50 lbs 17.5″ 5.00″ 1000 Orange/White
120 lbs 8.1″ 2.00″ 1000 Yellow/White/Red
120 lbs 14.5″ 4.00″ 1000 Orange/Yellow/White/Red
120 lbs 21.9″ 6.00″ 500 White
120 lbs 30.5″ 9.00″ 500 White
120 lbs 36.0″ 11.00″ 500 Orange

Already own cable ties? Purchase the floats separately to transform your cable ties into floating cable ties.

For a cheaper alternative see polypropylene cable ties

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