Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon Floating Cable Ties

An orange nylon cable tie is wrapped around a bundle of wire

Nylon cable ties are the cable tie of choice for many maintenance applications. Panduit brand cable ties are considered the industry standard across many lines of business. These nylon zip ties do not have any metal parts so if they fall into machinery they are less likely to cause damage. They come in a variety of bright colors for Foreign Material Exclusion color theming and faster retrieval.

Don’t let a 2 cent part become a million dollar retrieval operation, make sure to purchase cable ties fit for FME work.

Features include:

  • Tested for quality and consistency
  • Built strong for extreme applications but priced for everyday use
  • Environmentally friendly with low halogens and heavy metals
  • Certified to meet specs in many industries*
  • Won’t corrode stainless steel surfaces
  • No metal parts
  • Easily retrievable in the event of a break

*Panduit Data.


Many colors, sizes, and strengths available. Contact us with your desired specifications.

Note: These cable ties do not float unless they are fitted with a floatation device. See floating cable ties for more information.

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