Nuclear Grade Duct Tape

Nuclear Grade Duct Tape

A red role of duct tape sits on a white backgroundNuclear grade duct tape is specially manufactured to have little or no residue for up to six months after installation. The curl resistant backing makes the tape easy to control and less likely to get stuck in places it should not be. It is colored red or blue to make it easily identifiable as nuclear grade duct tape and not the usual standard grey duct tape.

Use this as a replacement for the normal duct tape whenever foreign material controls are necessary.

Features include:

  • Residue free on most surfaces for up to six months
  • Easy unrolling prevents worker fatigue
  • Meets ASME NQA-1 and NRC 1.38
  • Moisture resistant
  • Red or blue color makes it stand out from regular duct tape
  • Low halogens
  • UV resistant

Available in blue or red, and in a variety of lengths and widths. Contact us for more information.

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