Tool Kits

Tether-Ready Tool Chest

Tether Ready Tool Kits

A heavy-duty tool cabinet with seven drawers increasing in size with each lower drawerThis deluxe cabinet is full of tools that are used for everyday FME maintenance, repair, and construction activities. Every piece of equipment in the set comes prepared with a tether attachment point for quick connection and reconnection of tools. Also includes a number of alternative abrasives for grinding, cleaning, deburring, or other applications. Each drawer is super heavy duty and protected by a safety lock so there is no unintentional opening of drawers. Another safety mechanism prevents more than one drawer from being opened at the same time.


  • Tether ready
  • Alternative abrasives variety
  • Heavy duty cabinet
  • High capacity safety locking drawers

Locking Ratchet Sets

Locking Ratchets

A blue case housing a variety of sockets and toolsThese socket sets have a special connection system that prevents the bits from being released unintentionally. There are a wide variety of set options. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll set you up with the set that works for you.

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