Tinted Stretch Wrap Film

Tinted Shrink WrapA roll of orange plastic material with blue handles

Stopping foreign material at the source is one key to preventing it. Many times pieces of clear plastic from shrink wrapped packages make their way into Foreign Material Exclusion areas. Make sure that all materials that are shrunk in shrink wrap are done so with tinted material.


  • Tinted to prevent foreign material intrusion
  • Perfect for wrapping items going in and out of the RCA or for warehouse use
  • 80 gauge cast tinted in orange (some styles available in red)

Available Options:

  • 5.5” x 1000’, 3” core, opaque
  • 20″ x 1000′ extended core with hand brakes
  • 30″ x 1000′ extended core with hand brakes
  • 20″ x 1000′ with extended core
  • 30″ x 1000′ with extended core
  • 18″ x 1500′ with 3″ core
  • 20″ x 6,000′ machine grade, 3″ core

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