Tinted Document Protectors

Tinted Document Protection

Sheet Protectors

  • 8 mil
  • Tinted Orange
  • Holds documents, procedures, manuals, Etc.
  • Pre-punched holes for three ring binders
  • Offset opening for easy insertion
  • 3 sizes available: 3 hole 9-1/4″x11-7/16″; 3 hole 9-7/8″x11-3/8″, and 9-1/4″ x 11- 3/4″ with 2 open sides

A tinted orange sheet protector with page tilted out as a visual aidA three hole punch tinted orange sheet protector in a binder

Expandable Document Holders

A purple document holder with ridged sides that allow it to expand similar to an accordian

  • Organizes drawings and work packages
  • Expandable for thicker documents and drawings
  • Velcro flap to prevent contents from falling out
  • 3 ring binder compatible
  • Flexible & Pliable

Adhesive Backed Document Holders

An orange sheet protector with an adhesive backing

  • Tinted Orange
  • Zip lock closure
  • Holds documents, procedures, manuals, etc.
  • Adhesive backing for convenient positioning

Tinted Tag Holder

A orange plastic sleeve for holding id cards

  • Protects vital tags (caution, danger, work order)
  • Eyelet for hanging tags
  • 8 mil heavy-duty vinyl
  • Easy open flap
  • Other colors available, call for a custom quote
  • No metal
  • Measures 3-9/16 x 7-5/8”

Tinted Card Holder

A tinted orange card holder dangling from a badge clip tether

  • Hangs from neck lanyard
  • Use for HUP tool cards, STAR cards, RWP trip cards or general use
  • Pre-slotted for badge clip adaptation
  • Perfect for storing paper money while in the RCA
  • No more leaving money or cards for the laundry
  • Badge clip not included
  • Offset top for easy insertion

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