Magnet Free Retrieval Aids

LED Flashlight Flex Claw

See the flashlights section for lighted retrieval aids

Suction Cup Grabber, Trigger Retrieval Aid

Suction Cup Grabber
A device that grabs something from a distance when the trigger is pulled.  The grabbing end has two suction cups that clamp

  • Suction cup end for added grabbing power
  • Available up to 12 feet in length
  • Self locking option for easier retrieval
  • Light weight but durable
  • Comes with installed D-ring for quick lanyard attachment
  • Larger sizes are foldable for storage

Available Options

  • 32″
  • 48″
  • 5 foot foldable
  • 6 foot foldable
  • 8 foot foldable
  • 10 foot foldable
  • 12 foot foldable

Long Handled Tweezers

Long Handled Tweezers
A large pair of tweezers grabs at a pen on the ground, the pen provides perspective for the large size of the tweezers

  • Up to 24” in length
  • Perfect for small bore tubing or in other hard to retrieve locations with tight openings
  • Options: 18″ locking, 24″ locking, and 18″ pressure sensitive

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