Electronic Asset Tracking

Electronic logs are used to keep track of items and personnel entering and exiting FME zones. Electronic logs for tracking materials can have many advantages over paper logs. They allow for automated reminders and warnings. They can communicate with other existing company software. They can even automate a process that would normally have to be done manually.

A warehouse packed with a large number and variety of itemsElectronic logs are much more than simple spreadsheets with recorded data, but rather, they are robust integrated databasing systems with automated events and redundancies that help reduce human error. They are essentially complete asset management software programs that have been tailored to a specific company’s needs. In a lot of situations these diverse systems are used across entire enterprises to track inventory, supplies, personnel, and more.

The ideal electronic FME tracking system tracks both employees and equipment going into and out of foreign material managed zones. In order to efficiently track the multitude of diverse items, the system should be compatible with both RFID, bar-coding, and manual item entry. Since different items heading into different areas carry different levels of risk, different levels of tracking investment should be used. RFID, Bar-coding, and manual entry allow for the differing levels of investment.

It is also helpful for an electronic system to be compatible with current industry standards. This keeps the system cheaper over time because a standards-based system requires less-frequent upgrades and more companies supply compatible equipment.

Scalability is also an important feature of an Asset Tracking product package. Investment in company-wide software can be extremely expensive. The initial investment is reduced if a company is able to purchase a small software package that can eventually be upgraded to support its entire footprint.

Compatibility is another key to a great logging system. The system should be compatible with other systems currently in place. Security systems, employee databases, inspection databases, and others should be able to cross-reference with the FME logging database to provide the company the greatest value.

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