Pipe and Open Equipment Sealing

Quite frequently maintenance work is done around pipe openings or other open machinery. Whenever this happens it is important that the openings stay protected from debris. Improper protection will contribute to future mechanical problems that may pose a safety threat. It is important, like all FME device installation, that installing the device doesn’t interfere with the operation of necessary equipment. For example, installing covers over ventilation shafts -the only source of breathable air- may not be the smartest idea if painting is the planned maintenance task.

Pipe sealing devices

Pipe caps and plugs

Polyethylene pipe caps are installed around the outside of the pipe opening while plugs are installed inside of the pipe end. For help selecting caps and plugs for a particular job please contact us.

NPT series

NPT caps are solid plastic pipe end coverings in work site themed colors for pipe sizes of 1/4 inch to 24 inches in diameter.

Nylon covers

These are flame retardant, bag-like, covers with a drawstring. Various sizes are used for openings from 1 inch to 38 inches in diameter. Sometimes a pressure difference may create a risk of the cover being blown off, or sucked in. A patent pending vented cover is the solution when this happens.


For uncommon shapes these patented sponges make a great plugging device. They are also resistant to sandblasting work. Be sure to identify any sponges that are installed in out of sight locations with an FME tail or flagging device.

For specialty applications expansion plugs, bag plugs, and flow stoppers are used. Expansion plugs are used when an airtight seal is necessary. Bag plugs fit into small entryways and expand to block debris and gasses. Flow stoppers are used to block water flow in pipes.