FME Sponges

FME SpongesA pair of sponges with a cable tie like apparatus coming out of the middle

  • Quick installation and removal
  • Reusable
  • No Chlorides or Fluorides
  • Conforms to uncommon dimensions and shapes
  • Withstands flange sandblasting
  • Fail safe handles
  • Remains in position indefinitely
  • Custom made to fit L.P. & H.P. extraction ports, tube and seal openings
  • Sponges can be withdrawn and inserted through manhole openings
  • Doughnut sponges available for turbine oil applications
  • Material is non-reactive to oil
  • Non-flammable laminated facing is available
  • Custom designs available

FME sponges are stocked in a wide variety of sizes, contact us with your specific needs.

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