Specialty Rags and Microfiber Towels

Floating Rags

Tether Ready Specialty Rags

Two rags, one with a floatation device installed, the other with a button hole for tether attachment

  • Low halogens
  • Lanyard ready
  • Available with custom printing
  • Stocked in orange, available in yellow blue white and pink
  • 100% cotton
  • Floating and non-floating versions available

Specialty Colored Microfiber Towels

  • Red, yellow, blue or green available
  • Can be made with or without lanyard attachment point
  • Cuts grease and dust without chemicals

A tiered group of soft-looking towels of various colors

Options available:

Length Width Type Colors
16″ 16″ Terry Green/Red/Yellow/Blue
15″ 24″ Terry Green/Blue
16″ 24″ Waffle Blue
24″ 36″ Waffle Blue
16″ 24″ Special Blue
24″ 36″ Special Blue
16″ 16″ Suede Blue

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